Project info

  • Design-Build

I-64 had major issues with potholing, and the Virginia Department of Transportation was facing increasing costs each year just to keep the road in drivable condition. Branscome came in to revitalize the failing road, giving the roadway 15 years of life with a new road surface. Working with an engineer, Dewberry, we improved drainage, corrected guardrail height, added signs, and improved bridge connections. Dewberry and Branscome designed the project in phases, so the crews could start work as soon as possible. The project was fast-paced, so each night 4 to 6 crews worked on the road to finish the job in time. The biggest challenge was managing all these crews and meeting the time schedule, so our managers were constantly analyzing the schedule and finding ways to keep productivity high and our people and the job safe. This difficult, innovative project was a huge success for Branscome.