Project info

  • Fibermat

The Virginia Department of Transportation wanted to extend the life of their roadways through a pavement preservation process. VDOT wanted a chip seal followed by a cape seal, but Branscome bid the road as a FiberMat project, and the savings were so significant, VDOT decided to try it out. FiberMat is a patented road preservation process used by Branscome. It waterproofs pavement while also adding a stress-absorbing interlayer to the roadway. This job was the biggest we have ever done using FiberMat in such a short time span, so of course, it presented some new challenges. Our team was often far away from the shop when the machine needed maintenance, so our crew had to repair it themselves, which cost time. To stay on schedule, the crew had to work very long hours. We are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our crews and would like to recognize them for a job well done. We finished the road surface on time and under budget.