Project info

Chesterfield County partnered with Branscome on this project as part of a movement to revitalize an area called Ettrick. Branscome’s primary job was to widen the section of East River Road right in front of Virginia State University from two to four lanes to provide access to the University’s new Convocation Center where they will play basketball, hold concerts, and do all sorts of other things. Branscome also constructed a stormwater management pond and installed new traffic signals and site lighting. Prior to widening the road, houses sat on either side of it. The city removed the houses on the south side, and the two new lanes now run through where they sat. However, because of this situation, we had to work with and around old foundations, unsuitable soil, and utility relocation. Dominion Power, Comcast, and Columbia Gas relocated their existing lines outside the work area while Branscome crews worked. Widening East River Road is a difficult and daunting task, but Branscome is proud to help revitalize the Ettrick area.