Project info

The City of Virginia Beach chose Branscome to fully reconstruct the intersection of Indian River Road and Kempsville Road, one of the busiest intersections in the city. This infrastructure project was completed in March, 2020,  and it will ease major traffic congestion at the intersection, as well as deliver improved safety design features. 

Branscome was responsible for the entire project, which includes two separated left turn lanes, two U-turn bays, installation of signalized intersections, widened right turn ramps, construction of new storm sewer structures, utility relocations, ITS and lighting improvements, milling operations, roadway, and building demolition. 

This project presented many challenges to our experienced Project and Field Management team. The first challenge was maintaining a safe route for the thousands of vehicles traveling through the intersection daily, while accomplishing the scope of work. Creating, maintaining, and continuously updating a detailed logistics plan was critical for the public safety and to ensure the successful completion of the project. Traffic control, temporary signage, and detours had to be addressed and coordinated with the Virginia Beach Traffic Engineers.

This project required over 15,000 square feet of pavement demolition, 33,500 linear feet of conductor and fiber optic cable, 120,000 linear feet of pavement marking, and 11,400 tons of asphalt. Branscome started the project in March, 2019 and met all completion milestone dates resulting in bonuses.