A revolutionary paving solution, created by Colas

Created by Colas Solutions, FiberMat is a revolutionary paving preservation product that has paved over one million square yards.

FiberMat is made of cut fiberglass laid between two layers of polymer-modified emulsion. Stone is placed on top of the emulsion, which is then rolled out. The process is completed in a single pass which not only saves time but also saves money since milling of the road is not required. Not only is FiberMat a waterproof product, but it’s also 100 percent recyclable.

Our state-of-the-art FiberMat trailer holds 48 tubes filled with fiberglass–enough fiber to pave 40,000 square yards without refilling. Steering is situated on the back of the trailer allowing for easy navigation around mailboxes and parked cars. As a direct alternative to paving fabric, FiberMat absorbs movements and delays pavement cracking while covering the entire surface in need of repair.

Our Hampton Roads team frequently uses this product as VDOT is one of our biggest customers. Previously completed projects include Virginia Beach Boulevard, Camp Peary, and Kingsmill.

"On our current projects, which included different phases of asphalt, turning lanes, walking paths and street paving, Branscome performed all of these different phases in a timely manner with great workmanship."
Calvin Stanley
Stanley Construction Co.

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